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LATIN AMERICAN JEWISH LITERATURE AND CINEMA - Research Paper Example The fathers played an important role in making their sons’ Jewish education and traditions. Gerchunoff (1998) says â€Å"Most of the Jewish men if not all were urban dwellers whose knowledge of gaucho was confined to the sporadic stays on the pampa.They glorified the gaucho as quintessential national idol, a courageous peasant always carrying his guitar, his poncho and his vengeful spirit which stands in contrast. His gauchos’ judios are not loners but family oriented bread winners. They are neither malicious nor rancorous but loyal to their biblical code of ethics† (p.5) The life of a Jewish boy involves some important life cycle events which include, birth, circumcision, Pidyod ha-Ben, bar mitzah and marriage. Birth According to Jewish law human life begins at birth and a child is born sinless. When a woman gives birth to a boy, she is sexually separated from the husband for seven days as the woman is considered impure for a period of 33 days and the father is given an honor of reading the Torah in the synagogue. The naming of a boy occurs during brit milah (the ritual of circumcision Circumcision From the Jewish point of view circumcision is a command from God. A boy child is circumcised on the eighth day after his birth. The eight day is counted from the day the child is born, for example, if a child is born on Tuesday he will be circumcised the following week on Tuesday. It involves surgical removal of the foreskin and is performed a Jewish elder known as a mohel, who is educated in Jewish law and circumcision. After the boy is circumcised he is held by a Sandek (godfather), who is normally the family rabbi or the boys grandparent .Here they recite various blessings and then the boy is given an official Jewish name. In Jewish laws brit milah - the ritual of circumcision is universally observed. Circumcision is perceived to be an outward sign of the inner agreement between the Jewish people and God. It is binding upon the father, and hi s son and the father is obligated to have his son circumcised. If the father does not take him to be circumcised, the boy must have himself circumcised when he grows up. A Person, who is not circumcised, has no value in the society and will suffer a penalty of Kareit meaning spiritual excision. After the circumcision ritual, a feast of meals and refreshments follows. Redemption of the Firstborn son: Pidyod ha-Ben A Jewish firstborn belongs to God. Originally, first born sons would serve as priests or other Temple functions in Israel. A first born son is redeemed at the age of 31 days. The ritual of Pidyod ha-Ben is done on the 31st day but if it falls on the Shabbat it will be done the following day as it involves an exchange of money. During this ritual a small amount of money, five silver shekels equal to five silver dollars is paid to a kohein (a Jewish elder who performs the ritual). Bar Mitzah Bar mitzah means son of the commandment. Boys are recognized as full members of the c ommunity at 13 when they celebrate bar mitzvah. At this age, a boy is obligated to observe the commandments. Bar mitzah ceremony is held and the boy assumes the right to take part in religious services. He is considered a man and must meet the requirements of ritual and civil law. During a normal Sabbath service, the boy child is called upon to read from the Torah for the first time. In modern day society,

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