Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Bilingual Tesol Classrooms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Bilingual Tesol Classrooms - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the research that expert teachers have a wide-ranging base of experience with which to instruct ESL inclusive classrooms and create classroom environments that show a great degree of cross-pollination with the world outside of the classroom.   They are able to teach students concepts that will help them generally as well as having mastered the specific subject materials. Expert TESOL teachers are also better able to relate to students on a level that fosters mutual respect and understanding in creating a learning environment. In their everyday teaching duties, expert teachers show how the subject they are teaching is interrelated to the lives of their students. The existing literature generally supports the notion that there are strategies that the TESOL teacher can use to facilitate the development of ELL in classroom situations, but there are disagreements about how exactly to go about achieving this goal through effective course design in the ELL class room. For the goal, ELLs need to use English to achieve academically†. These goals are seen in the study to be complimentary, in that using English as a social medium can then lead to better acumen and a better chance for the ELL to be able to integrate this into their academic base of knowledge. This source also acknowledges how specifically, the TESOL teacher is going to face issues of diversity in several areas which reflects on course design for this aspect. The diversity that the general education TESOL teacher faces in a situation of accommodating ELL includes their ability to get materials out in other languages so that parents can understand, but it also involves focusing on English in the classroom situation.   Many also point towards bilingual education programs as a reflection of multicultural education and a positive step forward.  

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