Friday, August 23, 2019

Effects Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Effects Research Paper - Essay Example Arnas (2006) used children in the age 3-8 years bracket with a total of 347 respondents. The study included the parents as well since some respondents were still young to comprehend the questions. Arnas found out that about 50% of the ads viewed by children during their TV exposure are food related. Because of this 40% of the respondents requested their parents to buy the foods shown in the ads and about 9% of them are even insistent. Arnas' concern is that most of these foods are high in fats and sugar which are associated with obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Hitchings and Moynihan (1998) in the other hand used children within the 9-11 age brackets but used limited number of respondents. A total of 44 children across varying social class were involved. Their findings show that a relationship exist (r=0.58) between the type of ads observed by children from TV to the type of foods they eat. The more alarming fact is that most of these foods contain high sugar, fats, salt , and preservatives like crisps, softdrinks, and savoury snacks. The results of the two studies mention... But the result is enough to prove that eating habit of children between 9-11 is related to TV food ads they saw and recalled.. More intensive study with greater number of respondents could have shown higher positive relationship. This effect may not only be associated with food advertisements but also with other products as well. It has shown that the television medium is a good way to educate the viewers and a good means to present new ideas and programs to the target client. These findings can be a good start for private individuals, groups, or government institutions planning to launch programs, projects, or products. Opinion about the implications of the research for parents and society. In the context of parents and the society as a whole, the results of these studies can be both viewed as promising and alarming. They have both advantages and disadvantages. The findings are alarming in the sense that food manufacturers and food marketing firms are aware that the television medium is a good tool to push their products and that they are taking advantage of this potential in order that their products be recognized by their target sector. The worst thing is that several manufacturers are less concerned about the health effects of their product. In all cases, obviously, these ads do not mention negative aspects about consuming their products. Their primary concerns are the increase in sales the ads would bring the company. Since most ads do not include warning on over-consumption, children may think it is fine to eat them as they like thereby jeopardizing their health. The results' implication can be promising if government

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