Friday, October 4, 2019

Discuss the impact of fear and anger when caring for clients in the Essay

Discuss the impact of fear and anger when caring for clients in the health care setting - Essay Example An important indicator of quality care is the presence of a healthy interpersonal relationship between a patient and health care provider, or a relationship that is free of fear and anger. Sadly, there are several instances in which patient-provider relationship is beset by unconstructive emotions such as fear and anger. These particular negative approaches in dealing with patients contribute to discrimination, abuse and marginalization in the heath care contexts. According to some studies, patients who belong to the lower class or are poor usually feel that they are being treated badly by health care providers (Yamashita et al., 2005, 64). Health care providers, on the other hand, are continuously confronted with difficult emotions such as fear and anger. They are at times overcome by fear of an indefinite future. Consequently, these fears become manifested; caregivers spend a great amount of time confronting their fears alone, believing that nobody could understand them. They also fear that they will be competent as caregivers, that they would not be able to cope with the nursing task physically. And they fear of their lack of ability in coping with emotional tension. However, these are only instances of internal fear (Mccabe, 2004, 6). There are health care providers who are fearful of their patients, especially if their patients are mentally disturbed or emotionally unstable. This fear makes the delivery of health care services inefficient. Fear cripples the capability of a health care provider to competently meet the health needs of his/her patient which then could result in conflict. Interpersonal communication between health care provider and a patient could lessen the fear that the former feels for the latter. Understanding directly and emphatically the personality, behavior and needs of a patient could dispel fear (Silverstein, 2006, 33). Suppressed fear and anger does not easily head off, it just accumulates and flares up in

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