Saturday, October 19, 2019

Problem Based Learning in Medical Education Essay

Problem Based Learning in Medical Education - Essay Example The problem based learning technique is based on adult learning theory, according to which the human absorbing capabilities can be enhanced by juggling their minds and concepts, which can be achieve by giving them a chance to handle and discuss problems. Furthermore, the students are encouraged to mark their own learning goals, the scope of goals get broaden with experience problematic situations, the decision making capabilities can be improved by implementation of program based learning, the decision making activities further enhance their learning, and their critical and analytical approach towards the problem. Although Problem Based Learning is innovative and effectual exercise, 'however PBL does not offer a universal panacea for teaching and learning in medicine, and it has several well recognized disadvantages' (Diana F Wood., ABC of learning and teaching in medicine: Problem based learning). It has been observed that those students who have learned through problem based activi ties have better knowledge retention.

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