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How to increase the number of tourist in Malaysia? Essay

I think more variety we can do how to increase the number the number of tourist in Malaysia.. Malaysia in Asia has always been a topic of interest a among traveler and tourist who love and like to visit in Asia. The response a foreign tourist a good and going to better than the support given by the local people. I think our country should doing something to increase the number of tourist. One step, our country have do promotion lower package. Promotion lower package can attract foreign tourist come visit to Malaysia. Promotion lower package such as lower price for accommodation for tourists, transport system for visit to tourism places and other. Besides promotion lower package to increase the number of tourist visit to Malaysia, our country can to prepare good quality to tourist.Good quality a mean our country to prepare more facilities, accommodation, safely and other. With more facilities, accommodation and safely we can attract more tourist come to visit Malaysia. Altogether can to increase the number of tourist in Malaysia but i think more alternative to increase the number of tourist in Malaysia such as our country to improvements in facilities and infrastructure for attract tourist come to visit in Malaysia. The transport system already to better but we have to improvements for a good. To increase the number of tourist in Malaysia, i think campaign can to increase the number and to attract tourist come to visit Malaysia. I think that all i can suggest to increase the number of tourist in Malaysia. I know my friends Salsabil and Husna have many idea different my idea..I hope, Salsabil and Husna can compare they idea with me.. Malaysia is a very unique country. Because of its characteristic, many tourist came here to know more about Malaysia. Mostly tourist came to visit many beautiful area like beach, jungle, island, mountain and so on.Not only that, tourist also want to came here because they want to know all about Malaysia like its culture, food, celebration and so on. Many of them agree that Malaysia is a beautiful and very unique country. Because of the unique factors, we have to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia because our country can get many benefit from that because in can make Malaysia popular. The first thing to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia is by make a tourism promotion inside and outside of country. As we know tourism promotion like Cuti-cuti Malaysia have been doing by government. But the promotion just obtain inside of country and not in large scale. In my opinion if government make a big promotion inside and outside of county, many people know about Malaysia and they will come to visit this beautiful country. The promotion must tell about the beautiful place in Malaysia and all the unique thins in our country. So, this will make Malaysia popular and can increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. The second thing to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia is by upgrade the public utilities. We must make our airport in first class situation. Airport is the first thing looked by tourist outside of country because it can make their travel easier to came in Malaysia. our country already have Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This airport is very big and full of facilities. because of this airport, many tourist came to Malaysia. Beside that, our government also have to increase the standard of highway. If our highway is more similar with them, this can make they like to came here and visit Malaysia. What i know, if our facilities is up to date, tourist will like our country so much because they will find all the thing in their country in Malaysia. Futhemore Malaysian people also have to become very friendly to tourist is the third thing to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. They must show all our culture that is very unique and so kindly to tourist. This can build a positive image about Malaysia and its people in tourist eye. So, if Malaysia have a positive image, the number of tourist will increase and Malaysia get many benefit from that. Beside that, our Kastam immigration must to care about the tourist when they they  checked they visa. our immigration have to answer all their question and take care of them. This will make tourist like to came and Malaysia and they will tell about the unique of Malaysia to their family and friend. so this will make they like to came here to feel them self about the unique of Malaysia. so this will help to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. Many factors that we have to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. We must to do all the good thing to our country to increase the number of tourism in Malaysia. If the total of tourist increase year by year, our country will become popular in tourist eye around the world. This is the good thing to our country because many benefit that we get from tourism activities. As we Malaysia is one of the famous country that has own attractive such as culture, language and religion. So, its no wonder Malaysia is known as ‘Truly Asia’ for having a lot of interesting places to be visited by tourists from outside. There are variety of measure to increase tourist arrivals to Malaysia. Firstly, people of Malaysia have very important role to promote tourism in the country. They must be friendly and ever ready to welcome tourism with open arm to the country. Malaysia must be helpful and polite because it give a good impression to tourist when they set their foot for a holiday here. Malaysia community must provide good service and hospitality such as transport, accommodation and other to the visitors travelling to this country. This is because, they are an important asset contributing to our country. As well all know about the campaign to promote  Malaysia for all tourist around the world. Malaysia also have many race and culture. This campaign is t o attract international and domestic tourists. Malaysia have many type of tourism . with this campaign also make the tourist to learn more about Malaysia religion and culture. For example, the campaign â€Å"Cuti-cuti Malaysia† can be introduced our country toward the world. This campaign it is a good platform to our country to introduce our country as a country that having offered the great moment to the tourist through the arts of our diverse and unique culture. Therefore, the minister responsible for tourism in particular must play important role in this campaign to increase the tourist arrivals to our country. Next, the government must add the services to the tourist who come to travel to this country. This services is provided by tourist such as accommodation , transport,travel guide and so on. The facilities must follow the tastes of tourists and the prices are reasonable so as not to burden them too much in terms of money. Additionally, the government must carry out a major campaign to attract tourists from outside to come to this country. So, let us no adopt double standards in serving tourists who come to travel in Malaysia. The another way to increase the number of tourists in Malaysia is about the cleanliness. The government must to be the cleanliness of the area frequented by tourists. In my opinion, cleanliness is surely looking and many place are full of rubbish. By and large Malaysia have many bad habits that must come to an end to improve cleanliness in the country. Many toilet are smelling, dirty and without running water. So, the authorities must improves cleanliness at all cost, before it is too late. If the country is clean, tourists would come in drove to enjoy their holiday here. With all the information that i write, I conclude that as a Malaysian we should help to promote our country because it can increase the number of tourist in Malaysia ,income of our country and help to build economy of our country.

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