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My Life Unleashed Essay Example for Free

My Life Unleashed Essay Life is all but a matter of constancy, with the altering seasons and the varying tides vigorously wavering the enduring days of the lives of men. The evolution of the life of being a student remains a noteworthy space in my thoughts as my memories as a child will always be learned by heart, if not by everybody else, at least by myself. Or so I think at least by myself, lest I fail to remember that I had the companionship of good friends along the way, by no means abandoning me in times when I need them most. To be there for them when they, too, need someone to be with is only a portion of what sum of good deeds I must or feel to give them in return. And this is what I liked by being a child, apart from everything else that contributed to my identity to who I am today. It is my friends—my real friends that make me strong. College has been tough on me. I had to weigh several options as to what field to take—those were the nights where I could barely sleep thinking if I am to make the right decision. It was my friends who helped me decide. The primary reason why I chose [insert course here] is because the course in itself is competitive in today’s world. The course, moreover, reflects the scholastic principles of providing a major benefit to students in the [insert field of study] by putting a premium emphasis on the recent trends and advancements in today’s world of global competitiveness. The course is also one that seeks to refine the skills and knowledge of the students through a competition in [insert field of study] among its students just to name one. Moreover, the course is well-handled by faculty members who are very much qualified and are very much capable of instilling the necessary knowledge to the students inasmuch as the faculty as a whole is composed of teachers with reputations well beyond what one might expect. I am a flexible person, a jack-of-all-trades if you may consider. I love joining competitions. I love being challenged though I know for a fact that in every contest there is always a winner and a loser. I am a sport. I rise when I fall. But to tell you, losing for me is a hard thing—hence, it was through these unfortunate experiences that I was able to know myself. Not only did my refined skills and attitude became useful to us during times of dilemmas and crucial moments of getting into a halt on my fulfilling my dreams, but these factors also became a part of what I was able to impart to my friends. In a way, I have inspired them to do the same thing, to acquire the enhancements in their positive characteristics, and to use their meaningful experiences to have full control of their abilities and gifts—to encourage them to move forward after a downfall. I am fortunate to have friends who I can lean on. Part of my career thinking and objectives is that, after obtaining my degree I will bring forth the knowledge and skills that I have acquired into the far more practical planes in the world of [insert field of study]. However, prior to achieving such an end, I will put my best efforts in refining my comprehension on the field that I have chosen to pursue and in expanding my thoughts that revolve around the [field of study] arena. Apart from all these, I also intend to employ the vital information that I will learn through the course to the society at large. That is, I intend to contribute to a deeper understanding not only to the course but also to the generation that we have today and the generations to come through my scholarly contributions. All of these experiences and aspirations that I have shared a great fraction in my life in the sense that these served as the factors upon which I was able to steward my gifts and talents, refining these two along the way as my level of experience proportionally increase day after day. With the daily encounters that come across my way, I am able to contemplate on my personality and realign myself with these meaningful experiences so that I become guided as to what decisions I ought to pursue in my life. Such an understanding is of great use and help, as it has been back in the days when I was just starting in the science and math club, and, as far as I see it, nothing is as potent and as equally practical than having a wide range of experiences upon which one can be able to base his or her crucial decisions in life. These meaningful experiences have taught me a lot in my existence in the society at large and in stewarding my abilities and gifts. The Essence of Values The daily life experiences that every individual in this world comes across with contribute to the development of the self (Achebe, 1994). These experiences do not only come in a single strand nor pattern. Quite on the contrary, what makes these experiences contributive to the welfare of humanity is because these encounters come in various forms and in differing content. A well-rounded personality, then, can be achieved, though strictly limited, to the variety in the experiences that individuals get to have in their lives (Miedaner, 2000). Determination and decisiveness I believe, craft a person to become successful in one’s ordeals. A person who is determined builds confidence within. Believing that a person can do anything and surpass everything is a guarantee towards success as fear is out of the picture. Most people have fear and fail because they are indecisive. Being able to know what you want is a good start of taking challenges. Life is full of choices—and to reach a goal is to decide which path to take (Friedman, 2005). As much as I strongly believe in the idea that experiences shape the personality of a person in many different ways, these experiences can serve as a meaningful chapter in our lives as much as they have been significant to on my part. As far as my memory would not fail me, I do attest to the idea that experiences teach the individual person about being a steward of the gifts and talents that the self possesses. By having the full knowledge that these experiences contribute in a large part in the molding of the ability of the individual in bringing forth a rather full control or, at least, a strong grasp on one’s abilities to his or her advantage, their meanings would be far clear enough. References Achebe, C. (1994). Things Fall Apart: Anchor. Berger, K. S. (2005). The Developing Person, Through Childhood and Adolescence (7th ed. ). New York: Worth. Friedman, T. L. (2005). The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century (1st ed. ). New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Miedaner, T. (2000). Coach Yourself to Success : 101 Tips from a Personal Coach for Reaching Your Goals at Work and in Life (1 ed. ). London: McGraw-Hill.

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