Tuesday, September 10, 2019

UNDERSTANDING ORGANIZED CRIME Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

UNDERSTANDING ORGANIZED CRIME - Essay Example In general, the organized groups in the US do not like to show themselves in public because this hinders their smooth operations. Although the US does not face any huge threats from organized crime groups at the moment, but the history shows that these groups can cause the state institutions to get into long and hard struggles. There are three types of groups which have criminal intent on the land of USA. FBI has categorized these groups as Eurasian organizations, Italian, and Balkan organized groups. Eurasian organized crime groups are associated with the individuals who originate from Russia and Eastern countries which were created after the collapse of the Soviet Union. These organizations have migrated to the US and are not home bred. Kidnapping, drug trafficking and frauds are the basic crimes the Eurasian organizations are into. The Italian organized groups are known as IOC groups in the US. The best known Italian group in the US is the Sicilian mafia. The main criminal activities that these IOCs are involved in are money laundering and sale of counterfeit products in major cities of the US. The Japanese society is not a crime free one for the citizens and the government. Although Japan is included in developed countries list, but the crime rate in comparison to the US is very low. Most of the criminal activity is performed by the organized criminal entity Boryokudan. Violence, its discipline, illegitimate activities and the organizational structure characterize this organized crime group (Huang & Vaughn, 1992). Since the war of Japan with the US, this group has gained a lot of power and is working on a high profile in Japan. Unlike the activities of the US crime groups their main activities in this era are to monopolize, go global, go to war with others, and racketeering. Since the 1980s the term of organized crime has spread in China like a wild fire. In 1998, almost 100,000

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