Monday, September 9, 2019

Inter War years (Between 1st and 2nd World War) Research Paper

Inter War years (Between 1st and 2nd World War) - Research Paper Example Overall this era set the foundation for what was to come ahead in form of Second world war and the cold war that followed afterwards. The inter war period can be termed as bridge era between the two major wars. It had its economic impacts, political, geographical and almost all important factors that determine the fate of any nation and region. This era can be stretched from the November 1918 and the most notable of those months and event was the Treaty of Versailles (Slavicek 2010), which according to many critiques and historians served as the reason towards the Second World War. The treaty of Versailles had its own importance and impact on the history. This treaty was full of many clauses and aspects which left deep animosity in the hearts of Germans. The lone clause of â€Å"war guilt† ( Ringer 2005, 72) served more severe than any. This clause had political, geographical as well as strategic repercussions. Areas of strategic importance were taken from Germany, large repar ations were imposed on them, their military might was cut to pieces and various other aspects which left bitter feeling in the hearts of Germans and made them resolve them taking revenge in upcoming years. The sick man of Europe, Turkey and the Ottoman Empire was on its last leg, and these days served its ending season. The empire officially came to an end (Al-Rasheed 2002, 2). As a result of defeat and ultimately treaty, the Ottoman Empire collapsed and Turkey was reduced to a small unit. Turkey the former Ottoman Empire had to cede many areas and areas like Cyprus and Mesopotamia were separated from the Mega Empire and United Kingdom performed the honors and over took these areas. Other event that took place in parallel was that of creation of Irish state. While revolts and unrest had erupted couple of years back, but it has to settle down only at the end of the war, when Great Britain finally gave up to the demand of Irish people and allowed it creating its own borders and state with its over sovereign government and representation. Other notable event that took place the rise of Egypt and new state development in that part. While it had remained a colony and an occupied land in the 19th century under Napoleon and remained a land of strategic importance, eventually became independent from the status of British colony. The establishment of League of Nations was another major event that took place during the inter war period (Sengupta 2008, 173). The aim of this entity was to ensure no war of similar sort takes place again, it did pass number of resolutions, made some treaties, interventions were introduced, yet it could not live up to the expectation and seeing in a longer run, League of nation could not revert the deadly war that was awaiting the world and humanity. The Russian revolution in the name of socialism came into full force as well ((Smele 2006). This was the period of 1923 to 1924. As it is being said, that the first causality of war is humanity, it was the case in this regard as well. Much was invested over the military might, and the human suffering was exposed both in from of war and the inter period where the mighty nations spent more on ensuring mighty military than helping the poor. The soviet republic was a worse example in this regard and human suffering w

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